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Tuesday 12 December 2017

Lely excerts more power on silage wagon sector

Lely exerts more power on silage wagon sector 'Tigo' models set for FTMTA unveiling will cater for all clients

DOUBLE DELIGHT: Lely Ireland is to make available the
Tigo R and the R Profi models.
DOUBLE DELIGHT: Lely Ireland is to make available the Tigo R and the R Profi models.

Bruce Lett

Officially available for this season is the new 'Tigo' range of silage wagons from Lely Ireland. This follows on from the parent Lely company taking a minority interest in German company Mengele last year. The Tigo will make its first appearance at the upcoming FTMTA grassland event on May 20.

"This is a very exciting addition to our grassland range and further improves our product offering to the Irish farming public," said Lely Ireland's agri division manager, Tomas Cooney.

"The Tigo loader wagon range was already introduced to our dealer network at our international field days in Germany in June last year, where they were very well received."

Lely Ireland is to make available the Tigo R and the R Profi models. These vary in capacity from 40-70m3 and should cater for all types of customers, from small capacity wagons up to larger contractor capacity machines.

The Lely Tigo Profi is available in 50, 60 or 70m3 capacity and features a maintenance-free galvanised pick-up. There are seven rows of tines on the pickup, and it is designed without a cam track to reduce the number of moving parts and to increase reliability. There is little more than two inches (54mm) between the pick-up tines, which lends itself to a clean crop uptake and capacity.

Lely says the pick-up and chopping rotor are positioned close together and run at virtually the same speed so, it claims, that crop flow is excellent. Lely also argues that the Tigo rotor has the shortest distance between the pick-up and the rotor fingers in today's market place. The feeding rotor on the Tigo wagons is gear-driven, which should make for a smoother and quieter rotor drive.


There are 40 knives in the knife bank and when the full compliment is used, it produces a chop length of 37mm. The bank of knives can be split to double the chop length and the length of time between sharpening, or they can be completely retracted when just picking up grass.

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The entire cutting unit can be hydraulically lowered to the maintenance position, or rotated 90°, allowing easy access to the knives which, Lely says, can be changed quickly without the use of tools. Each blade has its own spring protection device, which enables it to retract away from the rotor and clear of a passing obstacle. If rotor fingers get damaged or broken off with stone damage, Lely says they are easy to replace without having to remove the rotor. They are available in three sections to re-weld back onto the rotor.

On the Profi version, unloading is with two pairs of chains running on the floor with slats; this machine also has a double discharge speed. Chain links have a cross-sectional diameter of 10mm and Lely says they have a breaking strength of 50t.

The Profi model comes with hydraulic drawbar suspension and a tandem bogie with rear steering axle on 600/55-22.5 wheels as standard. Larger tyre options are available on request.

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