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Sunday 21 January 2018

Leinster growers secure CAN at €305/t as market price tumbles

Caitriona Murphy

Caitriona Murphy

Farmers in Leinster have been securing the better deals for CAN, with prices of €304-335/t for big bags delivered on farm.

The latest IFA fertiliser price survey shows that farmers in Munster are closing CAN deals at €305-335t and those in Ulster are securing supplies for €306-340/t/. However, farmers in the west are paying €6-8/t more at €312-340/t.

Prices for 24-2.5-10 range from €405-438/t in north Leinster to €410-445/t in south Leinster. Munster farmers are paying €2/t more at €412-440/t and Ulster farmers are paying €415-450/t. Again, prices are highest in the west at €418-445/t.

Big bags of granulated 27-2.5-5 range from €398-430/t in north Leinster but are above €400/t in all other regions.


Farmers in south Leinster can secure prices of €400-435/t, while those in Ulster must pay €4/t more at €404-445/t. Farmers in the south are paying €408-438/t and their colleagues in the west are paying €412-440/t.

Prices for 18-6-12 range from €400-430/t in Leinster to €410-440/t in the west.

Meanwhile, international wholesale prices for urea have fallen back by $30-40/t (¤21-28) to the mid $400 range (around ¤316) in the past fortnight, after rising by more than $200/t (€141/t) since spring. Prices peaked at a high of $500/t (€353) at the end of last month.

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Industry commentators say the jury is out on whether the current price drop will continue or whether it is a temporary reprieve before Brazil, Pakistan and India return to the market in the coming months.

Wholesale prices both for phosphorous (currently €440-450/t) and potash (€363- 368/t) continue to creep upwards. However, falling world cereal prices in recent weeks are leading to increased buyer resistance in the northern hemisphere.

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