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Legal advice: Neighbouring farmers leaving our road in an awful state. Can I use a right away to stop them?


Q.We live at the end of a 'right of way' and are the only house on this right of way. Ourselves and three other farming families have the right of way on the road. However most of the rest of the land, except our own, is rented to other farmers. Between ourselves and the three other families, we spent a lot of money to get the road resurfaced and up to proper standards.

The issue I have is that the farmers who are renting the land have no ties to the area and continually leave the road in such a state as to render it impossible for anyone else to use it. It is difficult at times to walk on it, cycle on it or bring a buggy on it. I continually end up cleaning after these people in order to try and leave some of the road in a safe and usable state. I have asked the offending people if they could make some stab at cleaning up after themselves but it falls on deaf ears.

Where do we stand on this issue? Have we any way of tackling this?

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