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Thursday 22 February 2018

Leading Cork discussion group opens up to visitors

Crookstown farmers were joint winners of 2009 EBI competition

Caitriona Murphy

Caitriona Murphy

Huge crowds are expected at next week's open day for Crookstown Discussion Group in Co Cork.

Joint winners of the 2009 EBI group competition, all 12 members are Dairygold suppliers and make up one of the leading discussion groups in the country.

Taking place on the farm of Liam Leahy, Bridelands, Crookstown, Co Cork oN Wednesday next, (September 8), the open day will highlight the group's winning formula.

Liam's herd of 90 Holstein cows is based on a variety of Irish proven and imported bulls which were used in the breeding programme and the herd EBI is 94.

The EBI competition was based on dairy herd breeding achievements of the group and on the operation of the group. In becoming joint winners of the 2009 award, the Crookstown group showed huge commitment to the ideals of better breeding linked to profitable dairying and farm development.

Across the 12 members of the group, the average herd size is 107 cows, with an average EBI of 82. The average fat was 4.01pc and average protein 3.47, from 463kg of milk solids per cow. The group's average net margin in 2009 was 7.93c/l.

Visitors to the open day will have a chance to join one of the many ad hoc groups that will be assembled in discussion group-style format and proceed to the different focal points of the event. Group members and Teagasc Advisors will lead the discussion at each focal point.

The four main focal points will be: 1. Breeding cows/EBI; 2. Replacement management; 3. Grassland management and 4. Expansion planning and financial management.

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The day will also feature an open forum, where Liam Leahy and the group will combine with an invited panel to discuss any issues raised on the day and to look at expansion of the Irish dairy industry.

For more information, contact Crookstown group chairman Denis O'Leary on 086 8852221 or Seamus Lordan, Teagasc Macroom, on 026 41604.

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