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Large volume deals ease granular urea prices

Prices for granular urea eased in the past week as large volume buyers in the north and midlands secured deals at under €375/t.

The latest IFA fertiliser price survey showed that while group buyers in those regions achieved savings of up to €20/t, farmers in Munster and Connacht did not fare so well, with quoted prices from €380-420/t for the same product.

Nonetheless, urea offers the best value available per kilogramme of nitrogen applied as CAN prices continue to rise.

CAN was €303-335/t for big bags delivered on farm and €285-295/t for bulk deliveries.

However, IFA inputs project manager Chris Hayes urged farmers to shop around, saying they could achieve substantial discounts on officially quoted prices.

"Boatloads of CAN are arriving ... offering farmers an opportunity to buy ex-ship at a discount," Mr Hayes said.

In Munster, quotes for bagged CAN were €310-325/t, while in Connacht, prices were quoted at €312-330/t. Those in south Leinster were €310-330/t, while the best prices in north Leinster were €303-330/t and €305-335/t in Ulster.


The keenest quotes for 18-6-12 were in north Leinster, where big bags could be delivered for €397-435/t. Further south, prices increased by €3-5/t to €400-440/t, while farmers in Munster were quoted €5 more at €405-440/t.

Big bags of granulated 27-2.5-5 were quoted at €390-425/t, delivered on farm in north Leinster, while big bags of granulated 24-2.5-10 cost €405-430/t on farm.

Meanwhile, fertiliser volumes sold over the past week have dropped, according to Mr Hayes.

Early buyers appear to have secured their requirements until late April/early May, while many others will wait until closer to the spreading season before buying.

In Britain, farmers have bought up to 90pc of nitrogen requirements for the season.

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