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Wednesday 22 November 2017

Lamb prices up ¤5/hd as trade lifts

Sheep marts

Joe Healy

Lamb prices rose by as much as €5/hd last week as the trade improved. The opening salvos for breeding ewes were also positive, with hoggets making up to €200 and older ewes selling up to €165. Quality lots of ewe lambs made €120-130.

Good farmer interest resulted in a lively and improved trade for store lambs, while well-fleshed cull ewes continued to sell for €100-130/hd.

Quite a few mart sources are anxious to point out that the factory tag is not sufficiently received for lambs or hoggets and the permanent yellow tag is required for all sheep born last year and this year.

A top price of €76 over the weight was paid in Fermoy yesterday when a pen of 50kg ewe lambs made €126/hd. Apart from another lot of 53kg lambs selling for €124 (€71 over), the general range of prices was €54-64 over the €/kg.

Prices at Athenry Mart were around €54-67 over the weight, with a few of the better-quality lots making €69-71 over. Lighter types of 40-44kg sold for €50-60 over.

Baltinglass had 1,500 sheep on offer and prices rose by €3-5/hd. Heavier types from 45-50kg sold for €100-110/hd and the 40-45kg lots made €93-102. Stores sold up to €95.

Quality ewe lambs met with good demand and sold for up to €120/hd, while ewe hoggets made €155-180/hd. Aged breeding ewes made €130-155 and those in between made up to €130. Cull ewes sold for €70-110 each.

Mountbellew had a very large sale, with an increased demand over previous weeks driven by several regular and new store buyers in attendance.

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Quality lots of ewe lambs met with a buoyant trade, selling for up to €126/hd. Stores made €48-59 over the weight, while factory and butcher types sold for €47-56 with the weight.


A large number of ewe hoggets on offer sold for €160-200, while up to €298 was paid for a second crop ewe with three lambs at foot.

Carnew Mart had 2,000 sheep for sale and lamb prices increased by €2-3/hd. There was also a strong demand for its first breeding ewe sale of the season, where ewe hoggets made €145-185 and older breeding ewes made €120-165. Well-fleshed lambs sold for €95-112/hd, while stores sold for €55-92 or €37-54 over the weight.

The top price for ewe lambs was €122 (€70 over the weight). The heaviest of the cull ewes made up to €131/hd, while ewes for further feeding sold back to €65/hd.

Lambs at Maam Cross made €65-87 each (€2.20-2.45/kg). Ewes with lambs at foot sold for €127-250/hd and cull ewes made €58-87/hd.

Dowra Mart had 1,400 sheep for sale and forward store lambs made up the majority of the stock on offer. Strong farmer demand led to a full clearance at strong prices. Factory lambs made €95-112/hd, while Suffolk and Suffolk-cross forward store lambs sold for €70-92 each.

Lighter stores sold for €60-70/hd and a few pens of mountain store lambs made €55-75 each.

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