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Monday 18 December 2017

Labour of love continues two years into makeover

Bruce Lett

Follow the modernisation of a Massey Ferguson 35 -- the first MF-branded tractor -- stage by stage

More than two years ago, I set out to recondition and modernise a Massey Ferguson 35 tractor, which has spent over 30 years working on the family farm. Bought second-hand to replace the farm's original 35, which was badly burnt, the replacement 35 needed a complete overhaul after it arrived and has clocked more than 8,000 hours since.

The only section that did not need a major overhaul was the transmission.

After-market parts supplier Vapormatic, under the stewardship of salesman Shane Rooney, has been very supportive.

Anything not available from Vapormatic was sourced from Matt Buckley Tractor spares, Sparex or Bepco.

In addition to the extensive repairs that needed to be carried out, it is the modernisation wish list that is really driving the project.

The original list to modernise or upgrade the 35 includes the addition of the following:

• Hydrostatic or power-assisted steering -- in progress.

Also Read

• Spin-on oil-filter assembly for engine -- done.

• Alternator -- to do.

• Full lighting, including indicators -- to do.

• Foot throttle -- to do.

• Later-type hydraulic pump (with filter) -- done in this issue.

• Suspended seat -- to do.

• Pick-up hitch -- on hold, waiting on funds.

• Cab -- substituted for safety fenders and steps from Vapormatic.

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