Kverneland's tillage and grassland newbies a cut above

Irish market takes notice as Kverneland lines up new machines ahead of Agritechnica event in Germany

New baler
New baler

Chris McCullough

Kverneland has a number of new ploughs coming to the market, including some very intelligent ones. But it's not only ploughs that will impress farmers and contractors as Kverneland has more tillage and grassland machines in the pipeline.

Among the newbies is a new generation of Kverneland 2300S, 3300S and 3400S mounted reversible ploughs that integrate innovations designed for the Kverneland 2500 i-plough, but also have a new transport solution to maximise safety and new higher legs to optimise ploughing in any conditions.

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The new plough behaves much like a trailer when in transport and has its tractor plough pivot point located in the middle.

Plus, to optimise ploughing in any conditions, the aero-profile design of the legs and the 80cm under-beam clearance improves the soil flow in high residue conditions.

These robust legs are pre-shaped to limit welding that could weaken plough parts. As with any Kverneland auto-reset legs, these remain hollow to optimise the plough weight, pulling forces and hence fuel consumption. The leaf springs of the auto-reset legs are specially designed to withstand the toughest conditions. Smart, they are easy to add or remove in order to adapt to specific necessary release forces.

The three new models feature the Variomat for easy ploughing working-width changes from the tractor cabin, which not only increases output, but also saves time, fuel and money. The Variomat allows easy adjustments to the preferred working widths which can easily be done either mechanically or hydraulically. Depending on models, it can be adjusted from 30cm-55cm. The auto-line system guarantees the correct pulling line at any time. When changing the working width, both front furrow width and pulling line adjust automatically.

The new Kverneland 6300S semi mounted plough in action
The new Kverneland 6300S semi mounted plough in action

The Kverneland 2300 three to five furrow ploughs are recommended for tractors up to 240hp and the 3300 three to six furrow model is recommended up to 330hp. All new models can be ordered from fourth quarter 2019 for delivery second quarter 2020. Kverneland is also developing a new generation of its 6300 S Variomat semi-mounted reversible ploughs.


One of Kverneland's most popular machines next to the ploughs is the range of power harrow-mounted seed drills, which has now been extended with the Kverneland E-drill Maxi Plus, the combined grain and fertiliser version.

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In order to balance the shorter vegetation phase, the phosphoric fertiliser application supports the initial germination and development of the plants in the most efficient way. In trials of spring sown crops, yields have shown increases up to 25pc compared to crops where the fertiliser has been applied by other methods.

The E-drill Maxi Plus is offered with a hopper capacity of maximum 2,100 litres, which is divided into an adjustable hopper ratio of 60:40, 70:30 or 100:0, with two independently working metering devices positioned either side.

Kverneland's new e-drill maxi plus with combined grain and fertiliser outlets
Kverneland's new e-drill maxi plus with combined grain and fertiliser outlets

An extra second outlet does the fertiliser or second seed application in the seeding row in just one working pass. The fertiliser is applied in mixture with the seeds.

Round baler

Switching to grass, Kverneland has introduced a new high capacity fixed chamber baler designed for use in heavy silage conditions. The new Kverneland 6500F incorporates an 18-roller bale chamber, up from 17 rollers in previous models, with two rollers located in the bottom of the bale chamber to give extra support for heavy, wet silage bales.

Bale density is taken care of by a new hydraulic density system designed to ensure consistent bale quality in all conditions. A new 2.3m wide pick-up, called the XL+, has been introduced and incorporates an extensive series of upgrades. An extra tine has been added on either side, increasing working width by 10cm compared to previous models. The new five-tine bar reel incorporates a cam track located at both ends, while each tine bar is supported on four bearings.

Tine length has been increased by 10mm and the gap between the strippers has been reduced for improved performance in wet crops. Capacity has been increased with the introduction of a new larger diameter intake rotor, along with a revised drop-floor system. The new drop floor incorporates a more rounded profile under the rotor and has a parallelogram action, giving clearance, not only under the rear when lowered, but also under the front of the rotor as well.

Leonard Hovenden, Kverneland Ireland sales support, with Philip English, Kverneland Ireland managing director, at the Kverneland factory in Klepp, Norway
Leonard Hovenden, Kverneland Ireland sales support, with Philip English, Kverneland Ireland managing director, at the Kverneland factory in Klepp, Norway

One of the few carry-over items from the previous generation of balers is the well proven PowerBind direct injection net system, which provides consistent and reliable net application. The Kverneland 6500F is available with options of 15 or 25 knife SuperCut pre-chopping systems and is equipped as standard with automatic chain lubrication and bearing greasing systems.


Sticking with grass, Kverneland launches its new Kverneland 9670S Evo + Vario, an 6.65m -7.85m trailed side delivery twin rotor rake. It allows for comfortable connecting and an automatic folding of the swath board, and optional hydraulic transport locking. The standard 380/55-17 wheels also secure a ground-protecting operation.

Kverneland factory
Kverneland factory


Kverneland further expands the triple mower segment offering with the new heavy-duty build 5387MT, an 8.75m combination with the innovative QuattroLink suspension concept specifically designed for productive working days. The 5387MT is based on the 5300 series platform and includes well-established features like SemiSwing steel tine conditioning and dual adjustment of the conditioner plate. Consisting of two 3.2m mowing units, each with eight round discs, this combination runs on tractors starting from 180hp.

The machine is available with simple mechanical controls as standard, or with added comfort from the optional ComfortControl joystick with electro hydraulic folding and unfolding.

In addition to the durable SemiSwing steel tines, the 5387MT also features dual adjustment of conditioner plate, a well-known feature on the complete 5300 series.

Kverneland's new iXtrack T6 trailed sprayer with a 6,400 litres capacity
Kverneland's new iXtrack T6 trailed sprayer with a 6,400 litres capacity

The conditioner plate can be adjusted at both front and rear ends to provide full adaptability of the conditioner to crop intensity. The machine folds into a safe transport position.


One of the other major products launched by Kverneland is the new iXtrack T6 trailed sprayer with a 6,400 litres capacity.

The iXtrack T6 is equipped with a smooth, suspended parallelogram that is active in spraying position, but also during transport for optimal boom stability.

The side folded HSA aluminium or HSS heavy duty steel booms fold away over the tank, keeping the boom away from the tractor cab and, at the same time, a low centre of gravity during transport, resulting in a transport width of maximum 2.55m and a height of 3.50m for a 36m boom.

The iXtrack T6 has one central frame beam which is riveted instead of welded. This frame, in combination with the patented tank design, gives the sprayer a very low centre of gravity and compact dimensions which are beneficial for easy headland turning, higher working speeds and easy storage or parking.

Another benefit on the iXtrack T6 is its steering axle, which contributes to excellent stability in different field conditions. The track width can be changed from 1.80m-2.25m, which ensures maximum steering possibilities with a tight turning radius. The mudguards follow the steering angle and offer full protection of the nozzles, also in curves.

It's easy to tell there is a big machinery show on the horizon when the major machinery manufacturers line up a host of new machines for launching.

Members of the Kubota family, Kverneland and Vicon are preparing for the Agritechnica Show in Hanover this November with a number of new machine launches.

Kverneland is well known worldwide for its reputation in building strong equipment and has come a long way since the company was founded in 1879 by Ole Gabriel Kverneland. This year marks the company's 140th anniversary.

Its current factory in Klepp is only a few metres away from where it all began when Ole started making sickles and scissors. Today the latest engineering techniques are used to produce strong ploughs with Isobus technology, all adhering to Kverneland's goal of producing the strongest yet lightest ploughs in the world.

Kverneland Ireland, under the leadership of Managing Director Philip English, is responsible for the machines in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, and knows the local plough industry very well.

During the recent product launch in Norway, Mr English said: "The plough market in Ireland is around 120 to 140 units per year and that's right through from the match plough to the bigger trailed machines.

"The most common plough size today in Ireland is, of course, the five-furrow unit as tractor horsepower and output requirements increase. Kverneland has 95pc of the plough market in Norway and Ireland holds the company's next largest plough market share at 65-75pc.

"We have already sold two of the newly launched i-ploughs this year and a large eight furrow semi mounted plough.

"The biggest challenge for us in the plough market is if farmers prefer to go to min till and have no need for a plough. However, on the flip side, we have a great range of cultivation and seeding equipment that is gaining traction in the min till sector," he said.

Kverneland Ireland is based in Kilkenny and has a team of 25 people working for it throughout the country.

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