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Saturday 26 May 2018

Krone unveil latest version of ZX silage wagon

Prices for the new Krone ZX 430GL silage wagon (pictured) start at €120,000 plus VAT.
Prices for the new Krone ZX 430GL silage wagon (pictured) start at €120,000 plus VAT.

Krone importers for Ireland, Farmhand Ltd, were in touch this week to let readers know the latest incarnation of Krone's ZX silage wagon will be demonstrated for the first time in Ireland at the upcoming FTMTA Grass and Muck event in May.

The ZX wagon looks set to have one of the largest intakes of any machine seen on the Irish market to date, and this is mainly down to the 400HP-rated drive line which caters for the massive tractor horsepower available today. The driveline uses a unique speed reduction gearbox inside the chopping rotor that is powered by a six groove poly V-belt and planetary gears.

After introducing the first ZX forage wagon range in 2004, Krone expects this bigger and better version to sell well in Ireland for 2016 silage season. Sales director for Farmhand David Borland explained: "We will have the 470 GL tri-axle version of the new ZX wagon at Grass and Muck and we think the performance of this machine is going to blow people away. We have sold a good number of these silage wagons already and expect it to be a good seller next season."

The hydraulic and cam-less pick-up offers a 2.1m work width for smooth crop intake.

As another new detail, the double tines are arranged in a W shape, a patented pattern which Krone claims guarantees a consistent crop flow and full-width supply of material to the cutting and feeding assembly.

Feed rotor

By using poly V-belts to power the feed rotor it was possible to increase the rotor diameter to 880mm and the feeding width to 1,910mm.

The cutting system features 48 knives which cut the material to nominal 37mm chops. Featuring a central knife selection system, the rotor cutter is easy to set to the desired chop length (0, 24 or 48 knives). The knife bank swings out to the side for convenient knife changes.

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The ZX generation uses a solid steel body with a floor that slopes to the front end. Box section beams and angled mudguards prevent material from collecting and the conical sides make for smooth and power saving unloading.

The movable headboard tilts to increase capacity by about 4.5m3 to assist in unloading the wagon quickly and completely. The headboard is tilted to its mid-way position when the machine is gathering material and moves into its vertical position when the wagon is filled to capacity, providing extra capacity. When unloading starts, the headboard tilts again to the rear, supporting the chain-and-slat floor in emptying the load area.

Another feature is the well-proven and established automatic loading system which comprises a sensor in the headboard that measures the force exerted on the board.

Based on this reading, the electronic system activates the chain-and-slat floor.

Prices for the ZX 430GL model (pictured) start at €120,000 plus VAT.

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