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Monday 19 March 2018

Krone slashes parts prices

A welcome announcement from Krone importers and distributor Farmhand is that parts prices have been reduced by an average of 25pc from last year.

"The fast moving parts are down by a lot less than that but some more expensive parts are down by a lot more," said Mark Donohoe, parts manager at Farmhand. "We have been working with Krone and our dealers to bring prices down to their lowest level."

Bringing more transparency to Krone parts pricing, customers can access electronic parts catalogue information on and then by clicking on the 'Agroparts' link. The Farming Independent detailed this facility some months ago. Agroparts are electronic parts catalogue providers for Krone, Pottinger and other manufacturers.

Krone has taken the online parts facility a step further and priced items as they are selected.

Customers now know what their dealer will be charging them for parts (before VAT and delivery) which is a great feature for assessing, monitoring and controlling machine maintenance costs and repairs. Part information is available even on machines up to 30 years old, according to Farmhand.

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