Farm Ireland

Tuesday 24 October 2017

Kirwin counsels caution

"I wouldn't advise many breeders to go down this route of jumping a bull privately.

"It doesn't happen very often, and for good reason -- most farmers don't get their money back after all the fees have been paid."

This is the view of Eurogene's Joe Kirwin.

"At the very least it will cost €6,000-10,000 to get 1,000 doses out of a bull and get them marketed properly.

"I would think it is crucial that you get in with an AI company, since going it alone and relying on your own marketing to shift thousands of straws can be an impossible task in the vast majority of cases," he added.

"So when a neighbour says to you that you should get semen taken from your bull and that they'll be first in line for it, don't do it. More often than not, nobody else will be interested and, often, even the neighbour fails to put his money where his mouth is."

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