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Friday 23 March 2018

Kingswood offers 'beginner' pack to aid with grass measurement

Caitriona Murphy

Caitriona Murphy

Acknowledging that the science of grassland measurement can be a daunting prospect for farmers who are just starting to use it, Kingswood Computing has introduced a 'beginner' software package.

"In many discussion groups, there are three or four very keen grassland- oriented farmers, usually the dairy farmers, but there are also farmers who barely know what a grass wedge is," said Kingswood's Gerry Lynskey.

"To address this issue, we developed a simple introductory programme that will allow a farmer who is just learning the art of grassland measurement to exchange information with more experienced farmers."

The 'beginner' programme allows a farmer to enter grass measurements, check the farm's feed wedge, view a grass summary report and share information with friends and advisers.

Kingswood is offering the online programme free of charge to all farmers in any discussion group where there is at least one Kingswood customer.

"Once the farmer is more knowledgeable about grassland measurement, he can then subscribe to the advanced programme," added Mr Lynskey.

The full measurement package, called Kingswood Fields, includes upgrades, telephone support and online data back up.

It has powerful feed wedge and grass budget facilities, and access to breeding data in Kingswood Herd, and can be used on a PC, laptop, Smartphones or any PDA.

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It has links to a farm map and includes nutrient recording for REPS/NVZ compliancy.

"It's the most comprehensive grass programme available for experienced grass managers," said Mr Lynskey.

In addition to the grassland programme, the company has a full stable of farm management packages, including dairy and beef herd management, sheep flock management, tillage farm management.

There are programmes to help farmers comply with national and EU regulations and farm accounts packages for tighter cost control.

The farm accounts system has been simplified to include a one-line input income and expenditure screen, pre-set account headings compatible with Teagasc Profit Monitors and separate enterprise margins, in addition to farm total profit.

The package can download a co-op statement directly into individual accounts and record multi-bank account transactions.

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