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Monday 18 December 2017

Kildare firm nails Massey door deal

Doors for the 300 series will be manufactured by C&G Cabs, and the deal may be extended to the MF600 series
Doors for the 300 series will be manufactured by C&G Cabs, and the deal may be extended to the MF600 series

Bruce Lett

Kildare firm C&G Cabs has secured a contract to supply doors for the Massey Ferguson 300 series.

There are also suggestions that the lucrative deal, which was agreed at the recent Ploughing Championships in Athy, may be extended to include the MF600 series.

Sean Gorman, area parts sales manager with AGCO, confirmed that the C&G-manufactured door would be available throughout the AGCO/MF parts operation for Europe for its 300 series.

Mr Gorman said that when the manufacturing of the MF300 series tractors came to an end, effectively the cab manufacturing ceased with it, and it became increasingly problematic to source doors for the popular series.

"We had one firm manufacturing the frame, but putting the door together to make a complete unit with individual parts becomes very expensive," Mr Gorman said.

This gap in the parts market will now be filled by the Irish firm.

In the agricultural sector, C&G Cabs are mostly used to modernise, rejuvenate or weather-proof existing or older tractor designs.

Though production of the MF300 series ceased quite a few years ago, it is still a popular tractor here and is usually equipped with a loader.

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C&G Cabs company director Tom Maher and managing director William Ganley expressed their delight at securing the deal.

"We were manufacturing a lot of cabs for the likes of [new] forklifts and dumpers during the boom times but this has quietened off a lot. We are now diversifying and reinventing ourselves," Mr Maher said.

"We manufacture cabs from anything from an ATV to a boat, and with some guidance from Enterprise Ireland have diversified into other areas such as the door for MF, plus offering powder-coating painting services, sand blasting, glass cutting and tempering services," he added.

William Ganley pointed out that the door is identical to MF's, with the exception of one rubber strip and its hinges.

"The key to the door we are manufacturing for the 300 series is the adjustable hinge. The cab is not uniform and causes problems fitting a new door with a fixed hinge. Our adjustable hinge overcomes this problem, making it very easy to set the door in the cab," Mr Ganley added.

Vehicle statistics show that, in the past three years, there was in the region of 400 second-hand Massey Ferguson 390 and 390T tractors registered in Ireland.

This proves that they are a very popular second-hand buy. When the imported figure is added to local sales, there should be a good market for the C&G-manufactured door on the domestic market alone.

Both firms hinted at the possibility of the company supplying doors for the 600 series MF as well. This would be a real coup for the Kildare company.

At the Ploughing event, the ink on the deal was still wet, so retail prices have yet to be announced.

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