Farm Ireland

Thursday 22 February 2018

Key points of the package

* When the €8.5bn that was agreed in CAP funding during the summer is added to this latest announcement, it brings total EU and national funding for the agriculture sector over the next seven years to €12.5bn.

* Young farmers will be able to claim top-ups of up to €16,000 over five years, along with higher grant aid of up to 60pc.

* New environment scheme, GLAS, to replace REPS and AEOS with a maximum payment of €5,000 for up to 50,000 farmers and top-ups of €2,000 for "challenging actions".

* No coupled payment -- instead the €80 per calf payment through the beef genomics scheme, a €13m Single Farm payment top-up for sheep farmers and a protein crop payment for arable farmers.

* Targeted advisory service for dairy health and welfare.

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