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Tuesday 23 January 2018

Kerry farmers' cash cow is cream of the crop

A proud John Kirby from Kerry walks his prize-winning cow, 'Smearlaview Storm Vixam'
A proud John Kirby from Kerry walks his prize-winning cow, 'Smearlaview Storm Vixam'

Sean McMahon

KERRY'S footballers made a pig's ear of it at the weekend but one of the county's newest stars can now call herself an All-Ireland champion.

Well, she would if she could talk.

A bovine beauty with lovely legs and udder from the Listowel area of the Kingdom has been crowned the Bailey's All- Ireland Champion Cow.

The wonderfully named 'Smearlaview Storm Vixam' -- owned by Timothy and John Kirby from Derrindeffe, Duagh, Listowel -- scooped the coveted award at the Virginia show -- with a top prize of €2,000 -- in Cavan on Saturday. And she may well be an inspiration for Jack O'Connor's fallen troops -- she was also the All-Ireland winner three years ago.

As for her vital statistics: she has had four calves and has an average lactation of 3,000 gallons. John said they left Kerry on Wednesday with one thing on their mind: to give the cow every chance of looking her best in the ring.


All the cows were pampered in a special marquee for hours prior to stepping into the ring and many had access to their own 'cattle fitters' -- an expert groomer who clips their hair and liberally applies the hair spray and talcum powder.

Denis O'Neill was the man charged with getting 'Smearlaview' into shape and given she caught the eye of the judge, he achieved his goal.

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The president of the show, Ned Duffy, said they were very happy with the day despite a few showers.

"We were very happy overall and I can safely say that we will run with the competition again," he said.

They put on different novelty events this year to cater for all the Dublin people who have moved to the area.

And Mr Duffy said the Baileys contest had lost none of its great appeal and the crowds flocked around the arena to witness the drama unfolding.

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