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Monday 18 December 2017

'Keep the best and change the rest' policy works wonders for John Deere

In other news from Berlin, with its new line of 400 series balers, John Deere now says it can offer a complete solution for small and medium livestock farms, large farms and contractors.

"Keep the best and change the rest" was the design principle for the new F440M fixed chamber baler, developed for small to medium sized farms looking for a single multi-purpose machine.

Designed to produce between 1,000-3,000 bales of hay, silage or straw per season, John Deere claims the F440M maintains the high quality bale shape of its predecessor, the 623 model.

The F440M can also be ordered with the 623's Multicrop tailgate and net wrapping system.


Along with the high performance feeding system of the 900 series variable chamber round baler with fast release system, the F440M also features some of the 900 series technologies, including a new driveline and rotor, stronger shielding and bigger tyres.

The F440R fixed chamber baler and the C440R wrapping baler are suitable for large livestock farms and contractors who produce more than 3,000 bales per season and focus on silage production.

These R versions utilise a number of 900 series components such as the pick-up, high capacity rotor with 13 or 25 knives and new 600/50-22.5 wide tyres. The balers' small colour display and cartridge type automatic greasing system contribute to the low operating cost of these machines.

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The F440R and C440R wrapping baler also benefit from long life components such as stainless steel strippers and heavy-duty chains and bearings.

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