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Monday 18 December 2017

Keep one's steely eyes on effective filtration and storage

Bruce Lett

With this year almost at a close, I visited Wexford firm Rotech to get an impression of how the new ULSD has gone down throughout the country, as well as getting some tips on fuel storage and filtration.

Founded more than 30 years ago by John Rowe, Rotech specialises in supplying fuel tanks, pumping and filtration systems, along with other garage equipment, through dealers all over the country.

With nationwide coverage and an early background as a contractor, John is well-positioned to provide advice on fuel storage and filtration.

This year, demand for filtration systems is high, according to Mr Rowe.


"We all have heard the various horror stories and problems people have had with fuel. Some suffer worse than others and we get calls from all over the country," Mr Rowe said.

Early on in the talk about the new fuel, it was generally considered that a plastic fuel tank was the better option for maintaining fuel quality, because it was perceived that condensation was not as big an issue with plastic tanks, but Mr Rowe would disagree for several reasons.

"While we do sell both types, a steel tank will outlast a plastic tank by about five to one, typically lasting about 30 years," he said.

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"Secondly, you will get condensation in a plastic tank but how do you drain the sludge off? There is no drainage bung in a plastic tank while there is one in a steel tank. And, finally, a plastic tank is not as secure as a steel tank, it is very easy to drill a hole in a plastic tank and empty the contents."

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