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Wednesday 22 November 2017

Join the herd in Burren ritual

Burren farmers have invited families from all over the country to join them in their ancient 'transhumance' tradition as part of the Burren Winterage Weekend from October 26-28.

For thousands of years, Burren farmers have marked the end of summer by herding their cattle onto 'winterage' pastures in the limestone uplands where they spend the winter grazing.

This tradition is synonymous with the Burren and key to the survival of the region's flora and fauna.

As part of the weekend, the Burrenbeo Trust is organising two unique walking celebrations across one of Ireland's most inspiring landscapes accompanied by local farmers, poets and philosophers: The Herdsman's Walk (approximately 10km) and the Fertile Rock, Sacred Stone Walk (approximately 5km).

Later, visitors can join Burren farmer Willie O'Reilly as he moves his Shorthorn herd from their summer pasture to their winter pasture at Carron.

The cattle drove will be followed by a special outdoor concert by the Lismorahaun Singers, nestled in one of the Burren's most spectacular natural amphitheatres.

For more information, go to or call Burrenbeo on 091-638096.

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