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Friday 17 November 2017

John Deere's new 6M Series tractors provide greater levels of performance

Derek Casey

Derek Casey

Available from December 2012, John Deere says its new 6M Series tractors will provide more power, functionality and operator comfort than their 6030 series predecessors.

The new tractors, unveiled earlier this month at John Deere's British headquarters in Langar, Nottinghamshire, offer greater levels of efficiency and performance than the standard tractor range.

The newly styled 6Ms include tractors from 115hp up to the top-of-the-range 170hp. A 140hp model features the highest power level available yet from any John Deere four-cylinder tractor. The existing 6130, 6230 and 6330 standard-cab models will remain in the range for 2013.

The new series features a full-frame design, three wheelbase sizes, optional triple-link suspension and an optional front-axle brake to deliver maximum braking power with minimal pedal force.

The 6115M, 6125M, 6130M and 6140M models are equipped with Stage IIIB-compliant, 4.5-litre, four-cylinder, PowerTech PVX engines.

The larger 6150M and 6170M are powered by Stage IIIB, 6.8-litre, six-cylinder, PowerTech PVX engines -- the same as the premium 6R series.

All models feature a reduced rated engine speed of 2,100rpm, a new cooling system and an increased fuel tank capacity of up to 405 litres.

Using proven technologies to meet the latest emissions standards, these engines feature exhaust gas recirculation, a variable geometry turbocharger and an exhaust filter.

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This last component includes a diesel oxidation catalyst and a diesel particulate filter.

The enhanced cab on the 6M includes a newly designed dashboard with an integrated on-board display to allow machine settings.

The display can also be used as a performance monitor. The PowerQuad and AutoQuad Plus 40kph transmissions provide smooth gear changes on the move, assisted by a standard de-clutch button.

More power, faster response times, increased operator comfort and enhanced efficiency are provided by an improved hydraulic system. Four-cylinder models feature an 80L/min pressure-compensated system.


Those who wish to spec greater hydraulic capacity on their four-cylinder tractor have the option to fit a 114L/min pressure and flow-compensated version, the latter fitted as standard to all six-cylinder models.

Other options designed to provide additional versatility and performance include larger tyre sizes of up to 2m in diameter, an ex-factory front hitch and pto, and a choice of John Deere front loaders designed to match individual tractors.

In addition, the optional i-tec basic headland management system helps the operator to use multiple functions simultaneously.

The 6M series can also be fitted with GreenStar and Isobus-ready wiring to improve productivity.

For better tractor security, the 6M Series comes fitted as standard with Cesar Datatag and integrated immobiliser systems.

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