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Saturday 25 November 2017

John Deere rolls out the big guns

John Deere's triple mower conditioner will be demonstrated at FTMTA Grass & Muck 2016.
John Deere's triple mower conditioner will be demonstrated at FTMTA Grass & Muck 2016.
Derek Casey

Derek Casey

John Deere's new top-of-the-range forage harvester and tractors will all be demonstrated at FTMTA Grass & Muck 2016.

The 8000 Series self-propelled forage harvesters - recently given an international award for product design - use advanced technology to reduce crop losses and boost performance. Features include a new active fill control feature for automated filling of trailers.

The machines are designed to provide customers with up to 15pc more productivity, increased uptime, lower operating costs and faster, easier maintenance.

Other advanced features on these machines include a GreenStar 2630 with touchscreen display and AutoTrac automatic steering.

Each model in the range can also be equipped with HarvestLab, an advanced crop analysis and documentation system that uses constituent sensing to improve forage quality.

In addition, the forager's AutoLOC (automatic length of cut) feature allows the operator to pre-select the precise cutting length based on actual forage conditions.

For silage mowing enthusiasts the impressive John Deere TMC, which will be attached to a new 6215R Stage IV emissions compliant tractor at the FTMTA event, consists of a front-mounted and two rear-mounted mower-conditioners.

To achieve the maximum cutting width of 9.9m, a 3.5m wide front mower-conditioner can be combined with the largest available rear-mounted units.

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The combination of a smaller front-mounted mower with either the R950R or R870R rear mowers reduces the cutting width to 9.5m or 8.7m, respectively.

The manufacturer claims this mower's frame design makes it easier to attach, gives the operator better visibility and improves the floating capability of the machine.

By following ground contours more precisely, these mower-conditioners provide more uptime by reducing the risk of damage on uneven ground

High conditioning quality and a smooth swath are produced by the newly designed preloaded tine impeller, which helps the crop to dry faster.


In terms of tractors, John Deere will demonstrate the 6R series stage IV emissions compliant model.

In addition to the new engines rated from 110 to 155hp, these tractors feature improved manoeuvrability, enhanced operator comfort and a wide range of transmission options.

All are equipped with Deere's intelligent power management system, which adds 20 to 30hp on the four-cylinder models and 40hp on the six-cylinder versions.

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