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JFC launches wood pellet bin

JFC is launching its new wood pellet bin at this year's Ploughing championships.

The revolutionary JFC wood pellet bin is the perfect solution for the storage of wood pellets. The bin offers three tonnes of storage capacity for cost-effective bulk purchase of pellets. It is suitable for connection to all pellet boilers via auger or vacuum feed.

The pellet bin is fitted with access port for bag filling and twin cam locks for easy access bulk filling. The bin also has an anti-static system, fitted with a rubber baffle to protect pellets during filling.

The JFC Wood pellet bin is easily installed with an assembly time of approximately 15 minutes. It is also watertight -- with no moisture build up on the inside of the bin.

JFC recommends that the wood pellet bin sits on a concrete base of 2.5 x 2.5m with no less than 100mm of 30N concrete.

Come and visit the JFC stand, at 140 Row E and you can see the wood pellet bin, as well as the broad range of products JFC has to offer including drink bowls, water and feed troughs, dairy hygiene products, calf hutches, feed equipment, footbaths, equine equipment and wheelbarrows as well as JFC Civil's product range including JFC CorriPipe™ & Fittings.

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