JF-Stoll rolls out silage harvesters

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Danish firm JF-Stoll's new flagship trailed silage harvester, the FCT 1360, and the new FCT 1060 will be available in Ireland this year. Both feature a number of upgrades from previous models, according to Frank Ward, grassland sales manager for JF Stoll in Ireland.

"There are many new features on the FCT 1060 to give better output and increased operator comfort," says Frank.

"Firstly, there is a new electro-hydraulic system to control all machine hydraulic functions from a single control box, therefore the FCT 1060 is not fitted with any electrical motors.

"From a single lever, the operator can control all spout functions, pick-up lift and lower, drawbar in and out, and the optional rear trailer hitch and hydraulic folding spout if fitted," he explains.

"The heart of the machine has been upgraded with the fitting of a stronger and heavier cutting drum to give increased output. It has larger air intake slots, increasing the blowing capacity of the harvester by up to 20pc. Also, the angle of the blades to the shear bar has been changed to 6° from the previous machines' 12° angle."

The angle change gives the new chopping drum a much greater throwing effect upwards, to assist with output and lower fuel consumption.

A new hydraulically controlled feed roller reverse system has also been fitted, which now has a neutral position as well as feed and reverse positions.

"This system makes it possible to have automatic lifting of the auger and new crop press roller when the feed rollers are reversing to allow the obstruction to be fed out easier and laid out on the ground."

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Pick-up width options include a 2.1m wide pick-up or a narrower 1.8m pick-up. Floatation 14/65 x16/10 wheels are standard and a metal detector is optionally available.

"A totally new spout is fitted to the machine which is stronger and has a higher loading angle," says Frank. "It is fitted along with a double flap to assist with precise loading of trailers."

A chute extension that gives an extra height of one metre under the flap is also available. This will allow filling of trailers up to 4m high. The chute folds down hydraulically for road transport.

"The FCT 1360 has the same Electro-hydraulic control system as the FCT 1060 and is fitted with a wider new type of cutting drum. It comes, as standard, with the hydraulic folding spout and new pick-up crop press roller," adds Frank.

The list price of the JF-Stoll FCT 1060 starts at €44,500 plus VAT for the 1.8m basic machine. A 2.1m machine has a list price of € 45,350 plus VAT. The optional extra hydraulic folding spout has a list price of €2,575 plus VAT. The smaller JF-Stoll FCT 955 for tractors up to 150hp is still available and has a list price of €34,180 plus VAT.

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