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Tuesday 16 January 2018

JF chop and change popular harvester

New from JF-Stoll is the JF FCT 955 ProTec precision chop-trailed silage harvester. This machine replaces the FCT 900 harvester which was a well known unit across Ireland among farmers and contractors. JF have increased the output of the new FCT 955 ProTec to cater for tractors up to 140 hp, 20hp more than the FCT 900 was geared up for.

To increase the capacity of the machine the front feed roller intake area has been increased by 48pc and the rear feed roller area is increased by an even larger amount, according to JF. This reduces the chances of a blockage occuring between the front feed roller and the cutting cylinder. The older FCT 900 models featured shear bolts on the feed rollers. These have been replaced by solid sprockets and heavy duty-chains. The complete intake system is now driven by a duplex chain and is protected by the ProTec clutch. The reversing mechanism has also been updated and is the same as that fitted to the larger FCT 1050.

Drive to the harvester is through a 1,000rpm gearbox and at the tractor end, a wide-angle pto shaft, suitable for tractors up to 140 pto hp, is used. The standard chopper unit is an uppercut 24-knife system, which is now fitted as standard with JF-stoll heavy-duty knives.

The chute has also been upgraded and strengthened. It now uses three latches to secure the chute to the chopper housing. Opening of the chute is now spring-assisted, enabling it to be a one-man operation.

Standard on the FCT 955 are hydraulic drawbar, hydraulic trailer pick-up hitch, 1.8m-wide pick-up and 14x16 tyres. The harvester weighs in at just over 2t so it should be kind to the ground.

Optional is a two-row maize header or a new 2.4m direct cut disc header, with a six-disc cutterbar fitted with a feeding paddle and auger to ensure there are minimal losses when harvesting grain crops. It can also be used for direct cutting grass silage or in zero-grazing systems.

The list price of the FCT 955 is €31,625 plus VAT; FCT 1050 with 2.1m pick-up is €37,610 plus VAT; FCT 1355 with 3.1m pick-up is €56,755 plus VAT.

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