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Sunday 21 January 2018

JCB is a master of all trades

The new JCB 3CX is 35pc smaller but retains all the power of its bigger predecessors

The new JCB 3CX is more compact than its predecessors
The new JCB 3CX is more compact than its predecessors
Derek Casey

Derek Casey

The JCB stand is always a big attraction at the Ploughing and that will continue this week with the news that a shrunken down version of the digger that made JCB famous around the world has been launched.

The backhoe loader was invented by JCB founder Joseph Cyril Bamford in 1953, and more than 600,000 have since been produced. Now, following a multi-million pound investment, JCB has answered the call for a more compact machine with a hi-tech 3CX backhoe loader that is 35pc smaller than the standard model - but one that retains all the power and speed of its bigger brother.

Key features include:

Compact dimensions - just 1.9m wide and 2.74m high for maximum manoeuvrability

Rapid travel - 40km/h hydrostatic transmission, 17pc faster travel speed than the 2CX

Total control - servo excavator levers and smooth hydraulics deliver 19pc more flow

Maximum manoeuvrability - 4WS provides a 5.8m turning circle

Highly versatile - a choice of 2CX and skid steer hitches plus an excavator quick-hitch

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"With the 3CX Compact we are delivering a real master of all trades," says JCB spokesman Tim Burnhope. "This is a machine that is suitable for operation in farming, road maintenance, urban construction, utility work, or any task that requires maximum performance in a compact package."

The 3CX Compact combines the digging power and ease of use of a mini excavator, with the capabilities of a compact-wheeled loading shovel.

Backhoe loader, mini excavator and skid steer loader attachment compatibility allows the 3CX Compact to work with the widest range of attachments and hand held tools, for maximum versatility and utilisation.

An impressive 19pc increase in hydraulic flow, at 100 litres/min, in combination with standard excavator servo levers, gives the 3CX Compact controllability for operators familiar with both mini excavators and backhoe loaders.

The 3CX Compact is available with two dipper lengths at the rear, in fixed or extending format.

At the front end, the loader comes with a range of shovels that can be supplied with optional hard wearing toe plates for road stripping applications. A load over height of 2.98m and max forward reach at full height of 1.11m allows easy loading of trucks and trailers.

The machine can also be ordered with a hydraulic quick hitch, for faster attachment change. The six-in-one shovel makes the 3CX Compact the ideal machine for a host of jobs. Pallet forks and specialist attachments, such as road sweeper collectors, add to the machine's versatility.

It is powered by a low emission Tier 4 Final JCB Diesel by Kohler engine, delivering 74hp. The engine drives through a three-speed hydrostatic transmission which offers a 40km/h top speed for travel between sites, 17pc faster than the popular 2CX.

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