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'it's on a different scale'

A lot of farms would have a mixture of wheat and cotton but some would be either one or the other.

One such farm I was on was outside the farming town of Moree in New South Wales. It had 135,000ac all in wheat, but at the rate it was expanding, it could well be 150,000ac by now.

The yields are quiet low in comparison to Ireland, ranging from 0.2-1t/ac depending on rainfall.

The farm was owned by a man called Ron Greentree, who started off with just a lawnmower when he was in his early 20s.

Since then, he has built up a holding of 750,000ac around Australia.

This was expected to produce circa 300,000t of wheat that year. As I said earlier, it's a different scale over there.

I was put driving one of his four brand new CaseIH 8130 combine harvesters, fitted with 45ft long intake headers. These came in at AUS $750,000 + GST (€583,581 + 10pc tax).

During that harvest he had 35 combines harvesting on the farm, which allowed the entire crop to be taken out in 25 days.

On the eight different farms that I worked on, they ranged in size from 135,000ac to a 'small' 2,000ac farm. If you don't mind a bit of hard work and extreme heat it is a great experience.

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