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Monday 20 November 2017

Is this the future of nozzle sprayers?

The duo react nozzle
The duo react nozzle

A new spraying system that gives operators greater control over spray quality and application rate has been launched with good user reviews to date.

The Duo React nozzle body from Pentair Hypro has positions for two active nozzles. Air valves enable the operator to switch between them from the tractor cab and with a suitable spray controller, both nozzles can be used at the same time to achieve particular spray characteristics or high fertiliser application volumes.

"The operator can instantly switch from one type of nozzle to another in reaction to changing conditions or when moving from one crop to another," says Roger James, Pentair Hypro product manager. "It's an affordable and cost-effective solution that gives operators more convenient and safer control over in-field nozzle selection."

The Duo React compact nozzle body has a fixed single outlet and a four-way turret. A key attraction of the system for crop protection treatments is that operators can change from conventional to low drift nozzles simply by flicking of a switch or tapping a spray controller's touch-screen.

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