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Friday 15 December 2017

Irish PLastic firm makes its mark on maize in France

Samco's tenfold increase in French sales in the past year is a fine example of an Irish machinery manufacturer expanding internationally through research and development.

There are around 500,000ha of maize in the greater Brittany area of northwest France. Only 15,000ha of this is grown under film.

Whole crop forage maize yields of 30-33t DM/ha have been recorded with the Samco system in France.

One of the big challenges for maize growers in France is grass infestation. This is where the Samco plastic film system shines.

Farmers using the Samco system have seen record yields of up to 18t/ha of grain at 15pc moisture. Maize grain grown in the open averages 10t/ha. Even compared to the French 'punched' plastic, trials show the Samco crops are out-yielding by 1.5t/ha.

These results have translated into orders for eight Samco sowing machines for next season.

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