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Monday 19 March 2018

Irish inputs rise by 26pc

Latest figures from the CSO show that the cost of Irish farm inputs increased by as much as 26pc between June last year and the same month this year.

Fertiliser costs on farms rose by 26pc, while feeding stuff went up by 22pc in the same period. Energy costs rose by 13.3pc.

While output prices also climbed during the same period, the increase was significantly less than the cost of inputs. Cattle, milk and sheep prices increased by 15.3pc, 13.1pc and 9.1pc respectively. However, potato prices suffered a drop of 36.3pc.

Kiwis to host farm events

New Zealand farmers are organising a series of showcase events to impress their Irish counterparts visiting the country for the Rugby World Cup.

The free events will be hosted by New Zealand's top dairy farms, sheep and beef units, an irrigated cropping farm, university and government research organisations, meat works, vineyards and horticultural operations.

The main events will be in Otago, Marlborough, Taranaki, the Manawatu, Hawkes Bay, and the Waikato.

Details of each event are on

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Incomes to go up in US

US net farm income is set to rise by 31pc to $103.6bn (€72.5bn) this year, according to USDA estimates.

The increase equates to an additional $24.5bn (€17.1bn) in US farmers' pockets.

The forecast is the second highest inflation-adjusted value recorded since 1973.

The three measures of farm sector earnings -- net farm income, net cash income, and net value added -- are forecast to rise more than 20pc this year.

Net farm income and net cash income are both projected to exceed $100bn (€70bn) for the first time, while crop receipts are set to rise by $33.6bn (€23.5bn).

Storms halt Russian corn

Russia's return to global wheat markets suffered a hiccup last week when Russian Railways halted grain deliveries to the Black Sea port of Novorossiysk.

The railway said a "massive" backlog of grain wagons was clogging lines linking farmland to the port. Storms had slowed vessels leaving Novorossiysk, which added to the back-up.

Grain exports reached a near record 3m tonnes last month and are expected to continue at this level this month as farmers race to move grain after the country's self-imposed export ban was lifted in July.

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