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Thursday 26 April 2018

Irish farmers prove a hit with the ladies

Caitriona Murphy

Caitriona Murphy

Farmers are back in demand among the ladies of Ireland this St Valentine's Day, according to one of the country's top matchmakers.

While the rural male slipped down the dating popularity ranks during the Celtic Tiger, he is now making a serious comeback, said renowned matchmaker Willie Daly.

"During the boom, the ladies on our books were all looking for building contractors, accountants and engineers," recalled Mr Daly, from Lisdoonvarna, Co Clare.

"Today, you wouldn't hear a mention of a builder or an engineer. Farming and farming incomes are stable, even improving, and farmers are seen as a good, solid catch these days. Farmers are back in vogue."

And it appears that the Irish farmer is not only sought after at home, but also in Europe.

"I did a 31-venue tour in Germany and Switzerland last November and the girls there had a huge interest in Irish men and Irish farmers," added the third-generation Co Clare matchmaker.

"We had attractive girls with top degrees and careers like vets and doctors all enquiring about Irish men," he said. "And they wanted mainly farmers."

It seems the Irish man has a fantastic reputation abroad that appeals to European ladies.

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"The Irish man is known as a great character. He'll have a few drinks, he'll sing a bit and dances a bit," added Mr Daly.

"Ireland is also known as a very beautiful island, with our own unique culture and beautiful landscapes.

Mr Daly's daughter, Grainne, added that farmers today were more attractive as potential dates than in years gone by.

"Today's farmers are fabulous -- they are outgoing and they have plenty of hobbies off the farm like GAA, hill walking, golf and racing," she said.

Many of the men and women, aged 30-60, on the Daly's books, have opted for the matchmaking route because they find it difficult to meet people socially.

"The pub scene is gone and the discos are full of younger people," explained Grainne.

"It can be hard to meet someone and a lot of our clients come to us by word of mouth."

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