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Saturday 18 November 2017

Irish beef exports to US: Eight key figures

Simon Coveney
Simon Coveney

Ruth Nolan

Agriculture Minister Simon Coveney is in the US this week promoting the sale of Irish beef following the lifting of a 16 year ban.

Here are some key figures:

- Irish beef exports were worth €2.27bn in 2014

- The US beef market is worth an estimated 11 million metric tonnes in total, split between 60pc foodservice and 40pc grocery retail

- 10pc of the beef in the US is imported, the bulk of which is manufacturing beef, instead of grass fed, organic beef

- US beef prices in January hit a record high, €4.90/kg, which is 30pc higher than the previous year

-Average prices in the US in 2014 rose 23pc from the previous year, reflecting the tightening cattle supplies there and the fact that third of the country exports cannot yet fill the gap

- Ireland is the largest net exporter of beef in the northern hemisphere

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- The beef from nine out of every ten Irish cattle is exported

- One in five burgers eaten in McDonalds across Europe is made from Irish beef

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