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Sunday 18 March 2018

Ireland third lowest in European forest cover

Catriona Murphy

Ireland has the third lowest forest cover in Europe at just 12pc of the total land area, compared to the EU average of 40pc.

With 789,000ha of forest, Ireland's forest cover is similar to Britain (also at 12pc) and higher than Malta (less than 0.5pc) and the Netherlands (11pc).

New figures released by Eurostat to mark 2011 as the International Year of Forests show that the EU average is around 40pc but the top six member states have more than half of their land area covered by forest and other wooded land.

Finland (77pc), Sweden (76pc), Slovenia (63pc), Latvia (56pc), Spain (55pc) and Estonia (54pc) are the most afforested states.

Ireland also had the fifth lowest share of wood and wood waste in renewable energy consumption at 29.3pc, compared to the EU average of 49.1pc.

We also had the lowest share of the value added of wood-based manufacturing in total manufacturing in the EU at 2.4pc.

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