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Ireland still on track to exceed milk quota despite August dip

Ireland remains on course to exceed its national milk quota, despite a slight easing of milk supplies during the second half of August.

Glanbia, Dairygold, Kerry and Arrabawn alone account for around 130m litres of excess milk over and above their individual quota years to date.

Co-ops reported increased milk supplies for the first half of August, with a slight tapering off of deliveries in the latter half of the month. However, all co-ops are still significantly over quota at this stage.

The latest figures for milk supplies to Glanbia put it 8.2pc over quota on August 20, while its Premier subsidiary is 6.5pc over quota. Overall, supply for the co-op was 57.3m litres over on September 3.

Milk price deductions of 20c/l will be made to the August milk cheques of Glanbia's suppliers that are over quota by more than 350,000l. However, this deduction will increase to 28.66c/l for any over-quota milk supplied from now on.

Dairygold is running 8.2pc or 46m litres over, when August deliveries were analysed.

A Dairygold spokesman said that milk supplies, during the first two weeks of August, were 5pc higher this year compared to last year, but fell back in the second half of the month.

Kerry figures show that it was 3.1pc over quota at the end of August, amounting to about 16m litres.

A spokesman for the co-op said the situation had improved by about 0.1pc during August and it was still too early to make any judgement on the annual quota situation.


"We are asking our suppliers to monitor their own individual situations and take action accordingly," he said.

Arrabawn is running 7.5-8pc (about 10m litres) over quota, according to the most recent figures. August milk supplies to the co-op were on a par with the same month last year.

A spokesman for Tipperary co-op said that it did not believe it had improved on its position since the end of July. Back then, the co-op was 8pc (4m litres) over quota.

Neighbouring co-op Centenary Thurles has estimated that it is running about 8.5-9pc over quota, which would translate into almost 6m litres.

A spokesman for Lakeland Dairies said the co-op was 3pc (1.25m litres) over quota at the end of July and the August figure was expected to be similar. Milk supplies during August were 5pc higher than the same month last year.

Town of Monaghan is around 3-4pc (3m litres) over quota, taking last month's supplies into account. Monaghan suppliers delivered around 3pc more milk in August this year compared to August last year.

Wexford Creameries is running 4.1pc over quota, equating to 2.7m litres at the end of August.

Donegal Creameries' August figures have not yet been finalised but the co-op was running 2.4pc over quota up to the end of July.

Drinagh's up-to-date quota position has not been finalised but it has been running at about 6pc (5m litres) over quota.

August supplies to Lisavaird were 2.6pc higher than the same month last year, bringing the co-op to about 3.4pc (2.5m litres) over quota.

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