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Tuesday 20 March 2018

Ireland set for milk bonanza


With more Chinese women in the workforce, the signals are especially good for infant formula. "We are also noticing a broadening in the category as dairy formulas are fed longer as 'growing up' products," he said.

Mr Bellamy also believes that the Irish dairy industry risks losing 'sight of the prize' with the ongoing debate about the need for further rationalisation among the co-ops.

"Low-cost product will find its way to market one way or another. So rather than focusing on a Fonterra-type scenario, I think the Irish dairy industry should be focusing on the channels it has into new markets. The other low-cost dairy producers are all focusing on Asia. Ireland has big opportunities in emerging markets such as the Gulf states and northern Africa," said Mr Bellamy.

He also believes Ireland's other big advantage is that its peak of production provides balance to the peaks of supply from the southern hemisphere.

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