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Interim N&P statements available online to encourage Nitrates Regulations' compliance

Interim nitrogen and phosphorus (N&P) statements for the period up to September 20, 2012, have been published online by the Department of Agriculture.

N&P statements are a valuable tool -- especially for the more intensive farmers -- in helping to decide whether farming practices need to be changed before the end of the year to stay within the limits set down in the Nitrates Regulations.

Compliance with the regulations is a statutory requirement for the Single Payment Scheme.

Farmers operating above the 170kg/hectare limit who have not applied for a derogation from the Department are putting their single payment at risk.

Registered users can access their individual farm statements on

Text messages will be sent to over 7,000 more intensive farmers informing them of their Nitrogen Per Hectare (NPH) figure at the end of September 2012.


To estimate the end of year figure, simply divide the NPH figure by three and multiply by four.

Farmers not already registered for can do so by logging onto and clicking the "register" button.

To register a mobile phone number for future text alerts, log on to to access the sign-on form, or alternatively contact the regional office.

Herdowners who do not have access to online or text alerts can obtain their N&P statements from regional department offices or from the Department's Nitrates Section, Johnstown Castle, Wexford.

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