Farm Ireland

Friday 19 January 2018


more than 800 approvals have been issued to the 842 farmers who applied for the first tranche of Dairy Equipment Scheme (DES) funding in 2011.

For farmers who have been approved, pre-payment inspections are carried out when the applicant lodges the notification of completion of work (Card C) and the payment claim (DES 20).

The Department of Agriculture has the following advice for farmers completing work under the scheme:

• As a minimum, the parlour must comply with the Department's Specification S103, which is available to download from

• The Department will check that all items claimed for are completed in accordance with the provisions of the scheme and serial numbers, quantities and capacities will be checked.

• Electrical certificates must be submitted where a claimed item requires electrical work.

• Farmers must not include ineligible items on the claim form as they can result in penalties being applied.

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