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Sunday 17 December 2017

In-lamb ewes and heavy stock top price stakes

Majella O'Sullivan

Majella O'Sullivan

IN-LAMB ewes and ewes with lambs at foot were the top sellers at the marts this week where prices as high as €191/hd were being paid for ewes with twins at foot.

Well fleshed-out hoggets also commanded good prices this week as supplies dwindled.

Well-fleshed lambs made up to €120/hd in Athenry Mart yesterday with a number of lots in the 50kg+ bracket making from €60-67 over their weight. The lighter 45kg factory-types make around €100/hd, or €55 with the weight.

The best demand was for ewes with lambs at foot of the 700 sheep presented for sale at Dowra Mart on Saturday.

Ewes with pairs made up to €185/hd and ewes with singles made up to €135/hd. In-lamb ewes sold for €65-120/hd. Hoggets achieved €75-110/hd for the heavier lots while store hoggets made €45-70/hd.

There was a large number of cull ewes on offer at Mountbellew Mart on the same day. Strongest demand, again, was for ewes with lambs at foot.

Hoggets made from €86.50-112/hd, cull ewes sold for €55-120/hd, in-lamb ewes with singles due in March made up to €120/hd, second- and third-crop ewes with singles sold for up to €179/hd, second-crop ewes with twins at foot made up to €191/hd and first crop ewes with singles at foot achieved up to €153/hd.

At Headford Mart on Thursday hoggets made €85-113/hd, ewe hoggets sold for €95-110/hd, cull ewes made €30-100/hd. In keeping with every other mart, in-lamb ewes were much in demand and the best sellers of these made €140-175/hd.

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At Maam Cross Mart hoggets averaged €80/hd and made up to a maximum of €83/hd. Cull ewes sold for €35/hd on average up to a maximum of €48/hd and in-lamb ewes made €48-92/hd.

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