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Wednesday 21 March 2018

In the driving seat with Massey's 5455 Now with high-end cab suspension, the latest model offers it all to the masses

Bruce Lett Thanks to Colin Gleeson from MF and Kehoe Brother Ltd for providing the plant for this report

Towards the end of last year Massey Ferguson decided to make cab suspension available on their mid-range series of tractors. Normally only an option on 'high-end' tractors, the masses now get to avail of a level of comfort which could only be welcome on our winter-ravaged, low-spec roads.

Ever the opportunist and at an age when I appreciate increased comfort levels, I got to spend a couple of days in the driving seat of a new Massey Ferguson 5455 with cab suspension -- MF's bread and butter product. The demonstrator tractor was on loan from MF man Colin Gleeson and also came equipped with a Massey Ferguson 955 parallel linkage loader, which is an MF-branded Quicke Q55.

The 5455 is essentially the modern day MF 390T but with the specification and the frills we expect from a tractor of the modern time. The cab suspension option extends the frills list -- or what I would prefer to call the essential comfort list -- a bit further.

After a few days in the driver's seat it is understandable how a product like this could be the bread and butter product for MF. It has everything and more -- with the cab suspension there is more to go with the more.

MF gives a list price for the sprung 5455 demo tractor, equipped with the 955 parallel linkage loader, of €75,183 + VAT. The Visio roof option adds €1,228 + VAT to that but, like all listed prices, talk to your local dealer for the best deal.

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