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Friday 23 March 2018

Improved trade boosted by good grass conditions

There was an improved trade across the board with good grass growing conditions encouraging stronger farmer buying. The store cattle trade was much livelier than in recent weeks. Factory buyers were active at ringside for beef cattle in marts across the country and this set the trend for better prices. Exporters were active for the better U-grade weanlings.

Tullow Mart reported a full clearance of just over 275hd of cattle last Friday. Quality lots met a strong demand, with many farmer customers around the ring. Store bullocks sold from €150 to €450 with the €1/kg,

Heavy bullocks made from €300 to €515 over, while heavy heifers sold for €220-360 with their weight, with a top price of €540 with the €/kg. Store heifers sold from €180 to €305 with the €/kg. Fat cows sold from €1/kg to €200 over.

The special autumn weanling sale in Ennis attracted huge exporter attention and prices reflected this, with the good Belgian Blue bulls in the 300-400kg weight bracket, which sold for €2.70 to €3/kg.

R-grade continental types made €1.90-2.10/kg. R-grade heifers made around €1.70/kg, with the Us in a range of €2.20 to €2.50/kg for the general run even if some top-quality heifers weighing 337kg sold up to €1,200.

There was good demand for top-class heavy bullocks in Raphoe and they sold in a range of €270 to €480 over the weight.

Store bullocks made €250 to €445 over. Beef heifers also met a strong trade and sold for €245-510 with the weight, while the stores made from €220 to €415 over.

Dry cows sold for €495-1,045 each.

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There was a firmer trade at Ballymote. Store bullocks generally made €250-390 over. In the heifer section, 400-500kg lots made €190-315 over. Heifers over 500kg made from €200 to €300 over. Suckler cows with calves at foot sold for €700 to €975 per unit. Lighter dry cows made up to a €1/kg, while forward types sold from this up to €60 over.

A special sale of autumn-born weanlings takes place on Friday, August 13.


Ballinakill Mart also reported a strong trade all round. Quality heavy steers generally made between €370-480 over, while the 400-600kg cattle made from €250-350 with the weight. The plainer lots sold back to €215 over. Heifers were selling for €200 to €280 over, with the top lots making up to €310 with the €1/kg. Prices for the weanling bulls ranged from €480-715/hd. Suckler cows made from €890 up to €1,420/hd.

Steers up €15-20/hd, heifers up by €10/hd and a stronger trade for heavy continental cull cows was the news from Kilkenny. Heavy bullocks over 600kg sold for €220-535 over, while the better continental types made €1.70-1.80/kg.

Steers weighing under 600kg sold for €200-480 over, in a range of €1.64 to €1.84/kg. Beef heifers made from €1.60-1.95/kg, butcher types €1.65-1.77/kg and the stores €1.67-1.86/kg. Friesian cull cows sold from €190 under up to €100 over the €1/kg. Continentals made from €20 to €400 over.

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