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Improve soil with new G-Lime

A new granulated lime product containing up to 43pc calcium has been launched by Acheson & Glover. The new product joins the original G-Lime brand as a uniquely effective and convenient means by which farmers can improve soil pH.

"G-Lime Calcium will be particularly attractive to farmers who do not have soil magnesium deficiency problems," explained Acheson and Glover's John Ward.

"G-Lime Calcium is extremely fast acting, once applied to the soil. It has a very high neutralising value," he added.


"In terms of its specification, 98pc of the new product is less than 150 microns in size with 85pc smaller than 63 microns. G-Lime Calcium is manufactured from limestone sourced from the Acheson & Glover quarry near Fivemiletown." G-Lime Calcium is available in 600kg top filled bags only. Application rates will be dependent on soil test results, but typically, an application of 150-200kg/acre per annum [is ideal].

"Just like the original G-Lime our new calcium-only product can be easily applied by farmers themselves with the use of a fertiliser spreader," Mr Ward said. "Good soil fertility goes to the very heart of efficient farm management.

"Extensive testing carried out in Ireland over the last 12 months has confirmed just how acidic local soils have become. As a consequence lime can be regarded as possibly the most economic fertiliser source that farmers can apply in 2011," he added.

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