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Saturday 18 November 2017

IML opens new lab

Independent Milk Laboratories (IML), a joint venture between Progressive Genetics and National Milk Records, the UK farmer-owned plc, has opened its first laboratory in Co Cavan.

The new laboratory will provide independent milk payment testing as well as diagnostic tests for mastitis and the full range of diseases using bulk milk, milk recording, individual cow and individual quarter samples.

Lakeland Dairies has already appointed IML to carry out testing for its 2,000 suppliers.

National Milk Records currently provides payment testing, milk recording and diagnostic services to 70pc of the UK national dairy herd.

The IML chairman, Professor Patrick Wall, said the company looks forward to signing other milk processors next year.

"For years, we have talked about the need for an independent accredited laboratory to undertake disease screening, payment testing and milk recording," he said.

"New Zealand has one such laboratory serving both islands and the UK has two laboratories covering the entire national herd."

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