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Wednesday 13 December 2017

iKeenan in remote control

Bruce Lett

Carlow firm Keenan has improved its feed ration mixing technology with the introduction of the iKeenan mixer wagon (right).

The firm introduced its Pace feeder technology in 2008, which it says helped to create accurate and consistent rations, instructing what is to be loaded into the wagon and in what order.

Keenan has developed the Pace concept even further by introducing Pace Connect and AutoStop features on its new iKeenan mixer wagons.

Pace Connect is a web-based system which allows rations to be modified remotely. This is done using the mobile phone network to connect the iKeenan wagon to a secure website that can be accessed by authorised users from anywhere in the world.

According to Keenan, it allows the farmer or his nutritionist to review the rations that have been fed, and then compare that data to critical outputs such as milk yield.

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