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Tuesday 16 January 2018

IHFA sources local cows to promote Holstein Friesians

Local cows, sourced from within a 30-mile radius of the Ploughing Championships site, will be the animals on display at the Irish Holstein Friesian Association stand.

"These types of cows are to be found in every breeder's farm and we source locally to prove this regardless of where the Ploughing is located," said the association.

"They display the great diversity within the Holstein Friesian breed and we are confident that no matter what your dairy farming system, the Holstein Friesian breed has the right sort of cow that will suit your system."

The Holstein Friesian are the most efficient converters of grass to milk and with the new EBI sub indexes and linear conformation scores you can select which trait you wish to improve be it protein, fertility, udders or legs and feet and pre-select the sort of animal you wish to breed for.

Located at Stand 535 Row R, visitors to the IHFA stand can take part in a free draw, with prizes including a pedigree Holstein Friesian heifer calf, a free Whole Herd Grade-up or a free Classification, €500 worth of milk replacer 'Heiferlac' from Volac and €500 worth of 'Blueguard' teat dip sponsored by Ecolab.

IHFA staff will be on hand to discuss queries and the many services the IHFA provides, ranging from pedigree registrations, genetic evaluations, whole herd grade-up, type classification, sire advice, herd brochures, sales catalogues, linear data for progeny test sires, management and genetic reports, breed development and promotion and the young members association (YMA).

The new classification report 'Dairy Conformation Report', which was developed by IHFA in conjunction with ICBF, will be available at the stand, while there will also be introductory offers for those who wish to classify for the first time or grade up their herd to pedigree status.

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