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Saturday 18 August 2018

IFA urges Coillte to be more transparent

Claire Fox

Claire Fox

The IFA has called on Coillte to improve their communication with forestry partners and to be more transparent.

Speaking at a Joint Oireachtas Committee meeting last week, IFA president Joe Healy said that the lack of meaningful communication between Coillte and their partners has been the reason for the concerns amongst farm partners that their forests have been "mismanaged."

"It was a condition of all schemes that annual meetings would take place with partners. Unfortunately, it is my understanding that in many instances they did not take place. Even when meetings did occur, limited information was provided to partners on the condition of the crop," he claimed.

A Coillte spokesperson acknowledged that their level of formal communication needed to improve but added that "it's simply not true to say that there has been no communication for 20 years" and stated that Coillte forests were well managed.

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