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Saturday 24 March 2018

IFA quashes talk it favours rebate fuel plan

The IFA has rejected reports that it is in favour of switching from a green diesel system to one based on rebates.

The move comes after the Irish Road Hauliers Association's (IRHA) claimrd that washed diesel has reached epidemic levels and posed a threat to many industries and sectors in Ireland.

The IRHA estimated that washed fuel now accounts for around 12pc of the road diesel market, which equates to a loss for the Exchequer of €155m a year.

The IRHA said washed diesel also did untold damage to engines.

It claimed that axing the green diesel that is used in tractors and farm vehicles would eliminate the illegal fuel laundering industry overnight.

However, the IFA said that any change would have a negative impact on its members' cashflow and impose significant additional paperwork and compliance costs on farmers.

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