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IFA President agrees to step back from position in wake of salary revelations


IFA president Eddie Downey

IFA president Eddie Downey

IFA president Eddie Downey

IFA President Eddie Downey has agreed to step back from his position to allow a review of the organisation take place.

The move comes after it was revealed the IFA general secretary Pat Smith was on a salary of over €450,000.

At a meeting of the executive of the IFA in Dublin tonight, the organisation announced Mr Downey would step back and the deputy President Tom O'Leary would take over as acting president.

Former chief economist Conor Lucey will undertake a review of remuneration at the IFA and as well as looking at corporate governance and will report good recommendations in the coming weeks.

Eddie Downey said tonight that "mistakes had been made" and that the IFA was taking all the necessary steps to ensure they wouldn't be repeated.

The IFA also revealed that Mr Downey is on a salary of €147,000 and his deputy Tim O'Leary receives €35,000.

Mr Downey declined to comment further when questioned by the Irish Independent tonight as he left the meeting.

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