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Friday 23 March 2018

IFA plans membership fees hike

Darragh McCullough

Darragh McCullough

The IFA is planning to increase its membership fees by more than 6pc, the Farming Independent can exclusively reveal.

While notice of the changes has not as yet gone out to members, it is understood that the new regime has a base of €58 and an additional charge per acre of 70c, with the new minimum charge set at €80.

For a farmer with 100ac, the current membership fee costs €55 plus €65 (65c/ac for 100ac) or €120 in total. This will now increase to a base of €58 plus €70 (70c/ac for 100ac) or a total of €128. This €8 increase equates to a lift of 6.6pc. For a farmer with 50ac, membership fees will rise from €87.50 to €93. The increase of €5.50 equates to a 6.3pc risethe new fees structure has been given the green light by the association's top brass.

Under the current regime, membership fees for the IFA's 85,000 members are calculated using a base of €55 plus an additional charge of 65c per acre. The minimum charge is €75.

While a spokesman for the IFA declined to confirm what either the current or future fees are, he stated that the IFA was looking at enhancing the personal accident insurance cover.

Under the cover included in the membership fee, compensation for permanent disability is to be doubled from €12,500 to €25,000 and in the case of death from accidental injury, the cover will in future pay €30,000, an increase of €5,000.

The organisation said that the increase in membership fees, which have remained static for the past five years, was necessary to cover the rising cost of farmer representation.

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