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Wednesday 17 January 2018

IFA opposes property tax deduction plans

Declan O'Brien

Declan O'Brien

Revenue has confirmed that farmers will be able to pay their Local Property Tax (LPT) for 2014 out of direct payments received from the Department of Agriculture.

A spokesperson for Revenue said that deductions for the property tax could be taken from a range of direct payment schemes.

Theses include the Single Farm Payment (SFP), Disadvantaged Area Scheme, REPS, AEOS or forestry premium payments.

If farmers choose to pay the property tax in this fashion, they will need to indicate this on the payment method form. On this form farmers should provide their name, PPS number and herd number.


"In 2014 payment of the LPT (property tax) will be due on January 1, 2014, so it will be deducted from the first payment to be made by the Department of Agriculture in 2014 under the listed schemes," according to a Revenue statement.

"If the first payment does not cover all of the LPT due, it will deduct all of that payment due and any LPT still outstanding will be deducted from the next payment made by the Department under the listed schemes," it added.

IFA president John Bryan said any charge on the SFP for the property tax was not acceptable.

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Mr Bryan said IFA was also strongly opposed to proposed changes to the current 'pay and file' date for the payment of income tax by self-employed individuals.

The Department of Finance began a process of consultation on the issue in October and sought submissions from the relevant stakeholders.

The consultation sets out three options for farmers in relation to self-assessed income tax:

1.Moving the pay and file date to June 30;

2.Moving the pay and file date to September;

3.Moving the pay and file date to September but introducing an arrangement to allow taxpayers to mandate from State payments such as the SFP.

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