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Monday 19 March 2018

IFA hits back at criticism on TB

THE IFA has hit back at criticism of its handling of the changes in TB rules by claiming that a senior officer in the Charolais Cattle Society had "seriously misrepresented the IFA's work" on the issue.

"This is particularly disappointing as he had been fully advised in a meeting between IFA and the breed societies the previous week of the work that had been done, and he accepted his assertions were incorrect," said the IFA's animal health chairman, John Waters.

However, the Charolais Cattle Society's Joe Gilfillan, who spoke out about the dissatisfaction among farmers affected, was adamant he was simply reflecting the reality in the west.

"I stand by all my assertions and still believe that people are being kept ignorant on this. This isn't about politics, this is about getting information out there," said Mr Gilfillan.

Mr Waters claimed the IFA had been "very active since last July in highlighting farmer concerns with the Department, and objecting to the new controls."

The Longford man added that the IFA had already made progress on reducing the burden on farmers, including a commitment that no herd will be listed as contiguous in the absence of direct contact with the herd owner -- and, if necessary, an on-farm investigation -- before being listed as requiring a test.

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