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Monday 19 March 2018

IFA health chairman condemns TB rules

Caitriona Murphy

Caitriona Murphy

Department of Agriculture restrictions imposed on farmers under the TB eradication programme have been strongly criticised by the IFA.

The organisation's health chairman, John Waters, insisted that Department officials would have to revisit some areas of the eradication scheme, including how herds were categorised as contiguous, the procedure around factory lesions, and subsequent trade restrictions and B+B movements to and from restricted holdings.

Mr Waters also highlighted what he called the unfair application of the 10-month rule in establishing who was liable to pay for TB tests.

"With the welcome move by the Department to anniversary date testing, this issue must be revisited and applied in an equitable manner by extending the period to 12 months," he insisted.

The IFA man said farmers had invested heavily and endured a lot of hardship in achieving the reductions in TB incidence and this should be reflected in any changes to the programme.

"A major contributor to the reduced incidence of TB has been the effective implementation of the Wildlife Control Programme. This must be continued and in some areas its implementation must be improved," he added.

Caitriona Murphy

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