Farm Ireland

Monday 19 February 2018

IFA demands immediate stop to drop in pig price

The IFA has called for last week's pig price drop to be reversed immediately.

"This price drop is pure profiteering," said the IFA's Tim Cullinan.

"Any factory that drops prices in a week that Danish and French prices are rising is making an unfair profit off the back of farmers.

"Pig numbers are falling and prices should in fact be increasing. Recently published data suggests that pig numbers in the EU will tighten over the coming months as sow numbers drop off in response to feed price hikes. In addition, the export market continues to perform strongly to Asian markets."

Pig farmers had been hoping for better prices when the €14m fresh pork contract for Musgraves was won back from Northern Ireland by a Republic processor.

Tesco has also committed to buying 100pc Irish gammons and hams for its Christmas trade this year.

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